Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad, Bad Blogger (slap, slap...)

I blame it on the clomid!!  I blame it all on the clomid!!!   Everything!!  My absence and lazy blogging ways... all the fault of the clomid.... which is completely in line with my life motto:  always blame negative life situations on something that is NOT my fault!!  I used to blame everything on the weather.  Oh... I am lazy today... must be because of the cold.... or... Can't clean the house today.... the humidity is giving me a headache....I sucked at my soccer game today... probably because the grass is wet from yesterday's rain:)  SO now that I am on the clomid, the weather has taken a backseat and I have a new and awesome place to lay the blame....  I snap at my DH and then claim, "It's the fertility meds (obviously this comment is spoken in the most whiny and pathetic voice that I can muster)... 
But, alas, the clomid is not all rainbows and awesomeness.... (surprise, surprise).  It seriously is making each muscle in my body feel as if it weighs a solid tonne!  To lift one arm up out of bed in the morning feels like I am taking a full-on body pump, weight-lifting class at the gym.  The fatigue is like none other that I have ever experienced in my life. 

But enough about my excuses and lazy arse.  Here is what you missed on my TTC journey:

IUI #1 - 50 mg of clomid made one little follie, which was combined with some lame amount of sperm to result in a BFUDN - BIG FAT UGLY DISGUSTING NEGATIVE!

IUI#2 - 50 mg of clomid made TWO promising-looking beautiful follies... which combined with some insane, ridiculous, almost scarily creepy amount of sperm (the nurse on day one called my husband SUPERMAN and on day two he was called a STUD).  Seriously, I may have set records for the most amount of sperm ever injected into a body over a 48 hour span.  I should check into guiness for that one.  I think by the end of it all,  there were about 500 million post-wash little spermy dudes swimming inside me.....Too bad none of the little studs noticed my two beautiful little eggs.... Yup.  Half a billion sperm, but apparently all of them were too good for my eggs.  My DH said that maybe they were partying too hard together and forgot to notice the two pretty girls in the corner (sort of like him in university)....   Needless to say... sperm and eggs did not unite.... resulting in another BIG FAT AND HORRIBLY AWFUL HEART-WRENCHING NEGATIVE.

IUI#3 - 50 mg of clomid that, for some unknown reason, decided to go back to giving me just one follie... which combined with another insane (but not guiness-worthy) amount of sperm.... with the outcome TBA....    I'll keep you posted.  I swear.... but, if I don't....  it is obviously the fault of the fertililty meds.... or the weather:)