Friday, November 19, 2010

My Uterus: The Continued Exploration

Thanks for all your well wishes and comments.  My new RE seems pretty cool... but, then again, so did my old RE when I first met her so who knows???  It's like I'm starting all over again, even though I have done it all before.  Like a terrible case of deja vu.  Although on Thursday I did get to try a new and awesome saline water test where I had the joyous opportunity to have a balloon (or something of the sort) blown up and salty water squirty inside my uterus (they explained it a little differently on the consent form, but that is my translation of the procedure)...

While I was waiting for the doctor and making super awkward small talk with my ultrasound technician... you know the kind... legs raised in the air, vajayjay under the sheet but still uncomfortably exposed... as the technician asks what the weather is like outside.... as if talking to a horizontal and waist-down naked person about the rain is a commonplace and normal activity....  as I was trying to kill what seemed like hours, I told the ultrasound technician that my uterus has been photographed more times than a supermodel.  She tried to explain that all of the tests are looking at different things.... I've already had an hsg test, a laparoscopy, 3 endometrial biopsies and several million ultrasounds of my uterus.  Its as though my uterus is some unexplored massive country, rather than the size of a freaking fist.....  how much more exploration can they possibly do???? 

I think it would be a super fun party game for a group of infertiles to post all our uterus pictures on the wall and play 'guess who the uterus belongs to'.    I know mine is retroverted, has a few small cysts and a small fibroid with some shiny substance along the lining or something of the sort.... those will be my clues to guessing my uterus!!!  Oh.  And Thursday's test reveals that my uterus has a 'normal' reaction when a balloon is blown up inside of it.... Again... in the strange twilight zone that is an infertility clinic... the activity of blowing up a balloon inside a uterus was made to seem chatting to someone that has their vajayjay hanging out!!!

And along with the ultrasound-errific fun...  the daily morning bloodwork and appointments have also started again.  I am doing cycle monitoring and have to do an hour drive before work every morning next week, which will be the ultimate challenge since I am the most non-morning person in the world!  I hope I am still standing by the end of the week.  I shall keep you posted.



  1. That sounds...unpleasant. The balloon and the hour drive in the morning for monitoring. Ugh...

  2. LOL I am sorry you have had to go through all of that, but your comment about not being uncharted territory made me laugh. You have a good attitude about this stuff. I hope the monitoring goes well!

  3. LOL at your infertile couples party game idea! There is an untapped industry that you need to jump on before Milton Bradley gets hip to it. Love your outlook. Good luck!