Friday, November 26, 2010

To Ovulate or Not to Ovulate? That is the Question....

And so the suspense-filled-edge-of-your-seat-mystery continues.....  Will my body decide to ovulate?  Or will it do as it always does.... and ignore my pleas to just damn well do something normal already?
Dun.... Dun.... Dun....
During my latest visit to the fertility clinic, my RE called me a 'late bloomer' (I got a vision of my flat-chested body finally developing breasts:)..... She then said that I might ovulate afterall.......  What a nail-biter this awesome thriller of a cycle is shaping up to be..........  Stayed tuned for the exciting conclusion.  At this rate, I will probably know something definitive by day 99 of my cycle..........



  1. Sigh. Sending you ovulation thoughts - want you to see that smiley face staring back at you!

  2. I hope that everything works out and that you do. I don't ovulate on my own so I use ovidrel that makes me ovulate. Much less stressful. Good luck!

  3. Every time that wand goes up my hoo-hoo, I brace for the next surprise. Maybe I have follicles? Maybe I have cysts? I am a "weak ovulator" whatever that means, so I get your frustration.