Saturday, December 4, 2010

And then there was one.....

So, after years of diagnostic speculations, based both on incorrect medical procedures and random guessing (in my opinion).....  ONE diagnosis has stood the test of time.... ONE diagnosis has remained steadfast in describing my messed up hormonal state....  Give me a P... Give me a C.... Give me an O.... Give me an S....
Yaaaayyyy PCOS:(

In my follow-up appointment, my RE explained thoroughly (a pleasant change from my previous RE) all of the 'soft signs' leading to her diagnosis of PCOS.  I am apparently on the high end of the normal range for two types of male hormones.  As well, my LH: FSH ratio is not 1:1 (or something like that).... and I generally have an unpredictably and awesomely sporadic ovulatory system....

So now I know... and, as the infinitely profound GI Joe says, "Knowing is half the battle."    And so I will battle on....

Next steps:  Clomid and IUI.  Can't believe I have not yet tried clomid, the quintessential fertility drug.  Seems a necessary step to nicely round out my fertility resume.  I hear it makes you rather irritable and angry.  I sort of enjoy a good surge of anger at times... feels empowering and tough....  giving me some sort of superhero powers which  differ drastically from my usual mild-manner Clark Kent identity....It seems far better than the wimpy feelings of weepiness that many other fertility drugs have provoked.   

I must admit, though, I am somewhat afraid of hormone drugs.. especially given my history of icky side effects.   I would be grateful if anyone out there is willing to share their clomid experiences.  Thanx. 



  1. Sorry about the pcos, I have it too. When I was on clomid it wasn't too bad. I had a lot of hot flashes and I was moody, but not too horrible.

  2. Well, a diagnosis is good - especially if the basis behind the decision is explained. I have no Clomid experience - wishing you luck!

  3. I have three rounds of clomid/IUI experience. The good news is, it will make you ovulate. They may need to adjust the dose prior to beginning your cycles if your CD 21 doesn't indicate you ovulated, but it does work in that respect.

    The bad news are the side effects-and not everyone has them, mind you. On round 1 I was on 100mg. I had mainly headaches and nightsweats, with a little bit of let's just say "emotional variation". The second round was not pretty. Because my 7 day post ovulation progesterone was on the "lower" side during cycle 1 clomid/IUI, we increased my clomid to 150mg for cycle 2. Nightsweats were off the charts. My emotions ran the entire gamut, usually in the course of an hour. It reminds me of PMS type emotions, and one second you are crying and screaming and the next second, you're fine. This round-just nightsweats. But my CD 21 progesterone was great, so I did ovulate.

    The worst of the emotions for my third cycle was a crying jag at the end of "Eat, Pray, Love". My RE told me at my IUI today that this cycle would probably be it for me on the clomid. They tend to do a max of 3 rounds of clomid IUI before moving onto something else-in my case, follistim and IUI for two more rounds, then IVF.

    Best of luck-feel free to email me if you have any questions!

  4. Best of luck!
    I have been on Clomid from 50mg to 150mg and never had any problems or negative side-effects! Hope this holds true for you as well!

  5. I don't have any experience with Clomid...I have a prescription for my next cycle though, so I will be there with you! Hopefully we won't get the crazy side effects and Clomid will become our BFF that leads to BFP!!!! Good luck to you. :-)

  6. I have PCOS too.

    Tried Clomid in 2006 and it made me ovulate every cycle, I conceived and m/c both times. Can't say I had horrible mood swings so you just don't know how it will affect you :-)