Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Romantic Life of the Infertile

Thanks for the 'woot woots' and support.

My DH was laughing when the fertility clinic said that, after they received my bloodwork results to confirm ovulation, they would call and give me directions for next steps..... He imagined the answering machine message as "Pay attention for your important next steps, which will be outlined in this phone message.......  Ready?...... Insert penis now." 

Who, besides the infertile woman, has ever had an answering machine message outlining next steps in their medical treatment that states....... "You should have intercourse today, tomorrow and the next day."  Seriously?  Who, besides the infertile woman, has ever had a full medical team dictating their sex life?  Romantic or what? 

I am headed out to see my RE again today.  Hopefully she will give me the results of the million tests and bloodwork that I have done.  Keeping my fingers crossed that there are no new diagnoses to add to my list.



  1. I laughed too when the doc told me my homework was to go home and have as much sex as I could for the next 3 days! Good times!! :-)

    Good luck!!

  2. Seriously....the things we go through! My favorite infertile moment this cycle was when I was standing buck naked from the waist down while the nurse gave me the hcg shot in my butt...while my husband eyebrow up in the air. What's a girl to do?

  3. So exciting that you ovulated...and so glad you can still find humor in all of this.

  4. Haha too funny. Good luck and have fun ;)

  5. Very romantic!

    Hope your appointment went well...