Monday, April 25, 2011

9 dpiui AGAIN!!

Here we go again.  True to cyclical form.  9 dpiui is, again, the day my brain starts to snap.  The day I start fondling my breasts 24/7 in an attempt to determine their plumpness.   I swear I may be arrested for indecent exposure with the amount of breast touching I have been doing.  "BUT officer.  I didn't mean to be inappropriate.  It's just that... that... I'm 9 dpiui.....I'm infertile.... I swear I NEVER behave like this outside my luteal phase. Please officer!"
According to my highly scientific observations, I'm guessing this cycle will be a bust.  As of yesterday, my already-tiny breasts significantly deflated to a horrifically flaccid balloon shape.  Bloating in my belly also deflated significantly.  Normally I would gladly lose a few pounds in a few days... but not on 9dpiui!   All signs lead to protegesterone departing from my body.  And as soon as my buddy progesterone leaves... there is a short pause... before 'HER' arrival!!  Oh progesterone - why must you leave me alone with my crazy redheaded aunt!!  She has no manners and always overstays her welcome.



  1. Okay, the first paragraph was really funny. Loved it! Hang in there!!! I'm feeling the crazy to!!!

  2. Ah yes, the boobs...I have perfected the "hug that isn't a hug but really checking the boobs. I've tried to convince myself that I didn't really ovulate this cycle...but good luck with that...right :)