Sunday, April 17, 2011

How It All Went Down.

So here's how the whole wacky cycle went down.

I went to the clinic on Friday and was given my follie report.  The girls' sizes were: 18, 17, 17, 17, 15, 15, 15 and seemingly countless other smaller dudettes.  I think there were about fifteen follies altogether, although the numbers seemed to change depending on the ultrasound technician of the day.

Then the doctor told me that if I trigger today I would get one, two, three or four follies to mature and ovulate.  But if I trigger tomorrow then I would get at least seven to mature and ovulate.  He asked me what I would like to do (as if I had a say in the matter).  I asked if I had to decide right away or if I could have some time to think about it and call my DH.  He said he would come back after I talked it over with my DH.

I called my DH and he said, "Hey - with our percentage of success, I say we wait until tomorrow and get as many eggs as possible."  I was sort of surprised that he was willing to risk higher order multiples, but, as I said before... really?  I haven't had a successful pregnancy in 3 years and now 7 are going stick?  Come on."

So the doctor returns and I tell him that we have decided to wait to trigger until tomorrow......  I explained our reasons for the decision....  our success rate has been so low so far that we are willing to take the risk.  The doctor looked surprised, taken aback even.... and proceeded to spew out a series of profound analogies, like "You know.  You can play the lottery for twenty years and never win.  And then, all of the sudden, one day you are a billionnaire"  (HUH?)... and then, "You know.  You can speed down the highway at 120 km. for years... and one day you just might get caught."  (double HUH?).  Since when did the doctor turn into a philosopher?

After the analogies ended, the lectures began, "You know.  People think that they want multiples.  Like it would be fun.  But there are risks involved.  You could have premature babies.  They could be born at 20 weeks and not survive.  Even with twins, there are complications."  (What the?? I nodded to lecture like I was back in elementary school... yes sir.. yes sir...)

The conversation paused for a moment and I (probably stupidly) asked, "what is the highest order multiples you have ever had at this clinic."  To which he responded, "It doesn't matter what has happened before.  You could break records you know.  Like the lottery ticket."   Seriously? Seriously?  Back to the lottery ticket.

So then I asked, "Would you even do the IUI if I decided to trigger tomorrow with all of those eggs?" ...... crickets chirping.... no response.....  where did all the profound wisdom go?

I said, "So it would be timed intercourse if I trigger tomorrow then. With no IUI"  And the philosopher returned, "Timed intercourse is almost as risky as the lottery."  (enough with the lottery already!!!).  And then, "The medical community has to recommend that you trigger today for safety."


So... in the end I triggered that day.... wouldn't want to win the lottery or anything.  Heaven forbid.

Had my first IUI yesterday morning and the second one today.  Today I asked how many follies matured and ovulated and the doctor said that he can't be sure (surprise, surprise).  But he can tell that at least two dropped.  And DH's sperm counts were true to form... 'stellar', as the nurse said......

Could this be the winning combo?  More than one egg plus stellar sperm!!! Please, please, please......



  1. Geez....why confuse us further!? Just TELL us what the plan is, don't leave it up to us and then tell us we are wrong! Lordy!
    Anyway, crossing all fingers and toes for you, sweetie! Two "for sure" eggies and a great sperm count so VERY promising!!!

  2. Sounds like everything is great this month! I am really surprised your DR gave you the time to even think about it...weird...