Thursday, April 14, 2011

Too beautiful

As with all extremes, there is such thing as too beautiful. My doc yesterday said that I responded "too beautifully" to the injectables. Two days ago I was just beautiful and now I am too beautiful. Go figure. Turns out there are eleven follies brewing in there. First doc said that means I have a 50/50 chance of overstimulating and making too many eggs for an iui. And all this using the lowest possible dose of gonal-f. Unlike the rest of my being, turns out my ovaries are overachievers. DH is somewhat excited about the prospect of our own reality show. He figures we need to have one more than eight...squeak in just enough kids to show up John and Kate. :). I think the concern about multiples is both funny and ironic. Haven't had a viable pregnancy after trying for three years. We've been through 50 follies including iui and ivf. Not one has stuck. And now we are concerned about multiples. Ah... Only in the infertile world.