Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Cycle Day One

Dear Cycle Day One,

I am writing to express my extreme dislike for you and everything that you stand for!!!  I hate the way you dash dreams and stomp on hope.  And, you don't stop there oh evil cycle day one.  In case there is a moment's relief from your emotional torture, you deal out your second weapon.........  the physical punches and cramps to the uterus!!!  Really?  Really Cycle Day 1?  What have I ever done to you?  Are you dealing with some sort of repressed rage from your childhood?  What?  Tell me!!! 

Although Cycle Days 2 and 3 aren't exactly peachy keen either, at least they bring some courage to consider new options.   To move forward as the pain simultaneously fades from the gut, both physically and emotionally..........

Cycle Day one, please understand that there is a way for us to put these hard feelings behind us.  I have come up with a solution that could result in us even becoming BFFs....  Do NOT appear again for at least nine months.  How 'bout it?  Pretty please.




  1. Ugh, sorry about cycle day one. This stinks. very cute letter though. I hope that this cycle is the one for you!

  2. I don't think cycle day 1 can be reasoned with...but its a good try none the less!