Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The New Plan

I am always pleasantly surprised at how patient, kind and understanding my new RE is.  She actually listens to my concerns and takes the time to answer all of my questions.  A most refreshing change from my old RE's horrible bedside manner.

Well... the good news is... my ovaries look 'young', my hormones are appropriate and I'm not going into menopause any time soon (phew).  The bad news body continues to refuse to get pregnant!!

So here is the new plan:

I doubled my dose of clomid (up to 100 mg) for this month and, since I will be away while I am ovulating, I am going old school.  Good ol' BDing..  Although fun, I'm not holding out tons of hope...

So next month... back to the IUIs.  I have to decide whether I want to do injectibles or try it with a double dose of clomid.  I am concerned because my body responded horrifically to injectibles while doing IVF.  And my husband is really against me doing anything to myself that could compromise my health.  He sweetly said, "Your health is way more important to me than having a baby."  (sob, sob).

Knowing that doubling my clomid dose gives me about a 50% chance of getting more follies... and injectibles will likely result in more follies but could make me feel like crap.... I am really struggling to decide.  I would welcome any thoughts from all of you experts out there. 



  1. Darn those youngish ovaries...wanting to go clubbing, and hanging out with those sperm but refusing to let the boys do their jobs of fertilization. Hopefully they stop being stubborn soon!

  2. Wish I had some advice to give...I'll just hope that the clomid and low-tech old school method work for you!