Saturday, March 19, 2011

Operation BD. Status: Failed!

Operation BD sounded like a fun idea.  No early morning dildo cams (this is my friend's pet name for the always-lovely vaginal ultrasound machine).  No needles.  Just plain old school BDing.  Sounded simple.  Fun even.... NOT! 

The operation started off well enough.  My DH and I were away on vacation.  I had the OPK strips in tow, ready to pinpoint my ovulation day without any high-tech cameras or ultrasounds.

Sounded perfect.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  Apparently.. A LOT... this is my infertily life, afterall.  At the root of failed operation BD were two main problems.

1.  OPKs were ALWAYS positive!!!  Two equally dark lines, each and every morning.  Either the double dose of clomid was causing me to ovulate 24/7 OR the clomid was causing some sort of false positive errror with the OPK strips.  Grrrr......either way it is a cruel joke!  My hopes of positive OPKs quickly turned to dreams of making the false positives go away already!!

But worse than that...

2.  DH became ridiculously ill with the flu while we were away.  Is it wrong to seriously consider trying to BD with someone who has been practically unconscious for three days straight?  Even in my most desperate moments (which have been many, I might add), the hacking noises coming out of his body clearly indicated some fairly disgusting bodily fluids... which served to remind me that BDing at this time, despite the fact that I may have been ovulating 24/7 (haha), was a distinct impossibility!  Double Grrrrr....... 

So much for going old school!  See ya next month dildo cam!



  1. Sorry!!!! Hope he feels better soon.

  2. Ironically I got pregnant the cycle after having the hopefully as your husbands bodily fluids return to normal you will become pregnant after the flu!