Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun Games with Needles

Fresh IVF Cycle #2.... the exciting journey continues.

Part Two-  Fun with Needles

For the past ten days, I have had the unique experience of waking up to a well-balanced breakfast followed by a nice healthy needle stab to the thigh.  Because of this once (or, in my case twice) in a lifetime opportunity, I felt that I should use this special time to reflect.... to ponder.... to consider... all of the fun things you can do with needles.  Here's what I've come up with so far:

1.  Needle ratings - Each morning, I rate my needle stab to see if I can come up with a personal best stab.  How do you rate needle stabs, you ask....well, my ratings are based on a number of factors...insertion pain level, amount of blood left on the alcohol swab, and level of bruising....  And yesterday, June 29th, I had a personal best....  That's right... It might have even put professional needle stabbers to shame!  Minimal to no pain, zero blood found upon needle removal and a mere dot left on the thigh to show for it!  Take that Nadia Comaneci!  A perfect TEN for needle stylings and technique!!!  Pretty fun!

2.  Needle-based conversations - At work, I started a very exciting conversation about needles.  It began with another colleague and I (she has also done IVF).  She said that she chose to do her needles in her stomache... to which I responded, "No way! Seriously.  Thighs are waaayyy better."  We then proceeded to discuss the pros and cons of thigh versus stomache needles...  I know.  Interesting huh?  But it didn't stop there. Next, we played a very scintillating game of "Would you rather..." with other colleagues...  We asked, "if given the choice would you rather have a needle in your thigh or stomache?"  Minutes of entertainment for all!  Pretty fun!

3.  Thigh Artwork - Like an undiscovered blank pallet, my thigh used to be...but not anymore... thanks to needles of fun, my thigh is becoming a lovely piece of abstract art!  The colours are stunning... pale purples, red, yellow outlines and soft greys...and, better than Picasso, the pallet is constantly changing!!!  Pretty fun!

That's all I got for now... but I'm sure there will be more exciting adventures in needles to come....

T Minus 7 days until the stims begin!!

Thanks for your continued support!!  It is greatly appreciated.



  1. Laughing along with you. Last cycle I had bruises from my stabs the shape of the state of Michigan. I actually think the trigger shot was the easiest!

  2. LOL. Glad you are rocking the needle sticks. I never did the thigh, I feel like I have more fat in my stomach and just thinking about it makes me nervous. Hope things continue to go well!

  3. Lol, I especially love the artwork!