Saturday, June 25, 2011

T Minus 12!

Fresh IVF Cycle #2.... the exciting journey so far.

Part One- Suprefect (suppressant medication to induce menopause-type rest of the ovaries.  Counterintuitive? Perhaps.  Sending the body into menopause in order to get pregnanct??  Who thinks of these things??  I guess it is supposed to assist in the calm before the storm.)

June 21st - Injection day one of suprefact, which was marked by a celebratory black and blue marking on my thigh!  Bruise was massive and kinda awesome, shadowing the shape of my vein.  So, of course, hypochondriacal me considered the possibility that I might have a blood clot.  Because, you know, blood clots occur in 1 of a million or so patients.  I have never won the lottery with those odds, but a blood clot... seems more likely my thing:)

June 22nd - Injection day two.  Much better injection.  Figured out that you should probably stop squeezing your thigh fat before you pull the needle out.  Prevented the the geyser-type blood eruption that happened  yesterday.  Go figure.  The things you learn during this journey.  Decided that I probably did not have a blood clot. 

June 23rd, 24th, and today - Becoming a seasoned needle veteran already.  I have officially mastered the perfect squeeze and release thigh fat timing.  Woot woot!

Side effects thus far -  Unless you count the ones that have been conjured up in my always overactive imagination (e.g., the aforementioned blood clot), then I am happy to report that I am side-effect free!  (knock on all surrounding available wood). 

T Minus 12 days until I begin the big boy meds!   Rest ovaries, rest.... the storm is a-brewing.



  1. You are getting so close! Praying for you that this is it for you!!

  2. I love your humor in this post! I hope the rest of your cycle goes as smoothly!

  3. I hope the next 12 days fly by! I have lots of hope for you during this cycle!

  4. Cheers to being a shot veteran. Hang in there!