Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm back!!!

It's been a while.  After my 4th failed IUI, my heart and head needed a rest from it all.  Thanks to all of you ladies for your wonderfully supportive words. 

It is amazing how my life resembled something close to sanity when I became fertility-med free over the past two months.  I think I may have only googled Infertility-related searches every other day.... an impressive reduction when compared to my three - twenty infertility daily searches while in the throws of treatment cycles.

And so I am feeling reasonably good, reasonably sane... even able to inquire about my sister-in-laws pregnancy.   Oh yeah.

That being said........ do we really need sanity in our lives?   Perhaps sanity is overrated.....

Who needs sanity when you have the option of replacing it with daily needles, early morning ultrasound, super-awesome mood swings, daily obsessions and a general sense of self-pity? Apparently not me.

All my long-winded way of saying, "here I go again!"  and "THIS IS THE BIG ONE ELIZABETH!"

The one I said I would NEVER EVER do again...............  But, it seems that the expression, "never say never" applies doubly in the infertility world.

And so.... as of June 21st, the first needle will land.... to mark its first bruise on my snow-white upper thigh... in honour of the start of my 2nd fresh IVF cycle.....

Crazy?  Perhaps.  Certainly not sane.


  1. Good luck! I know how it feels... we also said never again and have yet decided to do it again too! Woo hoo for IVF!

  2. Welcome back! You story is SO odd....natural BFP's but BFN's with IUI AND IVF! What do the doctor's make of this? Anyway, welcome back to the fun...I'll be doing my next transfer on the 21st!!